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S.E.I. Course Curriculum

STOALS is a tailor-made medical course of instruction that fulfills and exceeds the NREMT Paramedic refresher requirements. It is an operationally focused paramedic re-certification course styled for special operations and expeditions in diverse settings in which definitive care is denied or indefinitely delayed. It is, essentially, a one-stop course requirement solution. Lectures are conducted by the most highly skilled subject matter experts in the field.

Tactical First Aid is designed to teach life-saving measures and techniques.  Mirrors basic duties and functions of EMT-Intermediates and -Paramedics only on a much minor scale.  TFA is designed to be “pick-‘n-choose” course of instructions; length of course is dependent upon client’s desires.  Minimum class size is 10.  See TFR for a fuller description. The TFA is designed to be “pick-‘n-choose” course of instruction.

Be it direct actions, CSARs, defensive operations, foreign nation training, humanitarian/civic action missions possible? Tactical First Responder prepares personnel to realities of bare-knuckles, down-in-the-dirt, remote tactical medicine. Minimum class size is 10. Typically held in NH, this course is mobile training team (MTT)-capable, depending upon location. Length of COI is 10½ academic and field training days over a 12-day period. An answer to team leaders and commanders who want to reduce battlefield deaths.

Prolonged Field Care (PFC) is simply care that is required to sustain an ill or injured patient beyond the planned time period or during contingency operations. This course is designed to improve outcomes in patient morbidity and mortality and is fundamentally rooted in real-world cases and experience from on/off the battlefield.

The Wilderness First Responder course is widely recognized as the most comprehensive entirely wilderness focused medicine and rescue curriculum. This 16+ (minimum) hour WFR Review refreshes the cognitive knowledge and practical skills of the Wilderness First Responder and re-certifies the WFR candidate for 3 years.

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