The History and Concept

The Need.

The requirement for a diverse institution such as SEI (STOALS, Etc., Institute) was evidenced in 1995.  Its impetus was an increasing necessity within the Department of Defense (DoD) to provide a means of advanced life support measures for special operations/divers area medical personnel who were denied host-country medical care, or, who were faced with situations were in definitive care would be indefinitely delayed.

The Emergence of STOALS.

To remedy this short-coming, a concept known as Special Tactics Operators’ Advanced Life Support (STOALS) was conceived and developed.  The premise of STOALS was to provide paramedic training at an advanced level.  Today, under the tutorship of experts skilled in the art of diverse medical situations, it is styled for special operations and expeditions in diverse setting during which definitive care is denied or indefinitely delayed.  Fulfilling National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) Paramedic re-registration requirements 1, 2, 3, and 4, and NREMT Intermediate re-registration requirements 1, 2, and 3, the STOALS curriculum is designed to provide the special operations/diverse area corpsman, medic, or Pararescueman a keen medical edge on expeditionary and primary care provider-medicine in the tactical environment.

STOALS is a fully accepted USAF EMT Program Manager-approved course for NREMT-P and NREMT-I refresher requirements.  For detailed course information, please refer to “Courses“.

The Necessity of “Etc.”

Concurrent with the development of STOALS was an identified need for special operations/diverse area personnel to learn, apply, and master a wide-range of divergent operational techniques.  Of particular interest were areas of fundamental mountaineering skills, advanced high-angle rescue operations, lead climbing, extreme cold-weather operations, etc.  SEI, therefore, instituted its second department “Etc.” (“etcetera“, “. . . and so on . . . “, “. . . all other things . . . “) which embodies remote area/diverse training skills aside from STOALS.  Located in the heart of one of the nation’s most diverse wilderness areas–the Presidential Mountain Range of New Hampshire–SEI is afforded the luxury of immediate-access to renowned world-class experts who instruct “Etc.” mountain operation courses.

The Future.

Today, SEI is a subsidiary of “Green Feet Enterprises, LLC’ (please refer to “Green Feet Enterprises, LLC“, a sole-owned, disabled-veteran company.  With a clearly defined goal, its singular purpose is to provide selected DoD and other US government entities (OGE) personnel the medical and ancillary skill necessary to operate in special and/or diverse situations.  Together, STOALS and “Etc.” comprise an institution that is specifically designed to meet the needs of special/diverse operations personnel.

SEI’s “pluses” are many:

1. 15-year business record of discriminate special/diverse operations training;

2. 15-year, 100% accident-free, pushing-the-envelop, high-risk training;

3. Selective and discriminate enrollment and attendance;

4. Exclusivity and anonymity assurance;

5. Diverse clientele-trusted;

6. Medical courses MTT-configured;

7. ConUS-based/International-capable;

8. Four-seasons operational training programs and areas;

9. Experts-in-field training instructors;

10. Diverse training environment and location(s);

11. Flexible “build-up/build-down” course packages specific to client requirements;

12. USAF Special Operations Command (AFSOC)-audited and approved training.

Thank you!