Special Tactics Operators' Advanced Life Support


STOALS is a tailor-made medical course of instruction that fulfills and exceeds the NREMT Paramedic refresher requirements. It is an operationally focused paramedic re-certification course styled for special operations and expeditions in diverse settings in which definitive care is denied or indefinitely delayed. It is, essentially, a one-stop course requirement solution. Lectures are conducted by the most highly skilled subject matter experts in the field.


  • National Registry updates
  • Protocols from the new USAF PARARESCUE Handbook
  • Medical review by systems
  • Trauma review by systems
  • Tactical operations/expeditionary considerations
  • BLS/ACLS/PALS/ PHTLS refresher
  • Canine rescue medical training
  • Field transfusion, extended care, vents and capnography
  • Emphasis on scenario based training
  • CEUs through such topics as:
    • High-angle rescue operations
    • Hands-on labs
    • Special sessions on HPO and psychological resilience


  • USAF PARARESCUE refresher requirements and NREMT paramedic re-certification requirements:
    • (2) Hours, Operational Skills
    • (6) Hours, Trauma Lanes/Skills
    • (8) Hours, Medical Emergencies
    • (16) Hours, Airway, Breathing, Circulation 16 Hours, Obstetrics and Pediatrics
  • ACLS, PALS, PHTLS refresher training
  • STOALS courses typically fulfill all or part of the following USAF CFETP 1T2X1-Related Tasks:
    • Global Environmental Considerations: a, b, c, d, e, f.
    • Desert Operations: a, e, f, g
    • Jungle Operations: a, e, f, g
    • High-latitude/Arctic Ops: a, e, f, g
    • Mountain Operations: a, e, f, g
    • Climbing Fundamentals: a, b, c, d, e, f
    • Roped Climbing: a, b, c, d, e
    • Construct Anchor Systems.
    • Perform Care of Climbing Equipment.
    • Use Climbing Techniques.
    • Use Rappelling Techniques.
    • Perform Litter Techniques.
    • Use Snow/Ice Climbing Procedures and Techniques: a, b, c
    • Mountain Evacuation Techniques: a, b
    • Maintain EMT-I and –P Qualifications.
    • PARARESCUE-Specific Medications.
    • Identify S&S and Tx of Diseases of Mil Importance a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k
    • High-Altitude Illness: a, b

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