Q:  Why does S.E.I. impose such stringent guidelines for course attendance?

A:  Due to the specificity of SEI course contents and anonymity of attending personnel, enrollment is selective and discriminate.  This arrangement ensures content integrity, commonality of interests, and unanimity of participants.


Q:  How do I reserve a slot in a particular course?

A:  To do so, contact the director of SEI to (a) ensure eligibility and (b) sign up for a COI.


Q:  What is the dress code for when attending S.E.I.?

A:  Casual clothing commensurate with the good image, taste, and perception of the Department of Defense and US Government.


Q:  My team has several heavy mission-support equipment container that need to be shipped to your location.  Can I do that?

A:  Typically, teams pre-located course-directed gear and equipment via UPS, FedEx, etc.  Contact the director of SEI for coordination.


Q:  Do I nee to bring a medical ruck with me when I attend STOALS?

A:  STOALS is currently under revision and the new curricula may require a personal med ruck.


Q:  Can I bring my wife and family?

A:  SEI works closely with its clients; and wives, family members, and loved ones are encouraged to accompany the enrolling student.  The Mount Washington Valley provides many scenic experiences and fun, and our lodging locations offer many amenities for the accompanying guests.  Many families have already taken advantage of this arrangement.  This is especially true during the current era of increased operations tempos where “family time” is such a premium.  However, in no manner can the accompanying member affect the student’s required training.

Our lodging locations may request a slight increase in lodging costs.


Q:  Why does S.E.I. dictate particular lodging locations?

A:  All SEI courses are held at specific locations for control and facilitation of the COI.  Our locations provide all required conference facility needs as well as guest amenities, i.e. restaurant, bar, training room, swimming pool, etc.  Each facility has been specifically selected for its support, comfort, and service to SEI clients.


Q:  What if you don’t want to stay at the designated?

A:  All SEI students are required to be lodged at designated facilities for control and facilitation of the course.  Any prospective student who chooses not to adhere to this policy needs not enroll in an SEI course.


Q:  I have questions concerning my NREMT-P status.  What do I do?

A:  First, contact the director of SEI. It might be resolved at that level.  Should that fail, you will then have to contact National Registry for further guidance.


Q:  What sort of medical facilities are immediately available in case of an accident?

A:  The Mount Washington Valley of NH is home to Memorial Hospital (www.thememorialhospital.org).  Surface and air emergency transportation is available to larger facilities in Portland ME (www.mmc.org) and Boston MA (www.bmc.org).


Q:  What documentation do you provide upon completion of the NREMT-P (STOALS) course?

A:  The STOALS course fulfills all of NREMT-P’s 48-hour refresher, BLS/ACLS, and 24 hours of CEUs.  Upon completion of the STOALS COI, the attendee will depart with:

(a) Verification of the 48-hour refresher requirement;

(b) Certification of completion of BLS and ACLS;

(c) Verification of 24 hours of CEUs, and;

(d) Certificate of STOALS course completion.


Q:  Does S.E.I. conduct situational medical exercises during the STOALS courses?

A:  Short answer?  No.  The STOALS course is tightly packed for optimum utilization of every academic hour.  SME’s take too long to properly conduct, thus wasting very valuable time that is better utilized to the more poignantly beneficial tasks at hand.  However, during our ACLS recertification training, various forms of cardiovascular SMEs are presented.


Q:  Who instructs your mountain courses and what are his/her qualifications/certifications?

A:  SEI is extremely fortunate to have two of the most versatile, knowledgeable, and experienced climbers to teach our courses.  They are both American Mountain Guide Association members; in fact, one is an AMGA Examiner and the other is an AMGA Alpine Guide.  Both are phenomenal instructors who have contributed to the success of SEI for nearly a decade.


Q:  In looking at your master schedule you seem to offer only limited courses.  How can I attend one of your mountain operation courses?

A:  Our Master Training Schedule reflects only our more-utilized course, for example STOALS.  Any of our courses may be scheduled at–virtually–anytime.  All we need is (a) approximately six weeks in order to coordinate all logistic activities and (b) the minimum number of attendees needed to conduct a COI.  Of course, for those short-notice opportunities in which a team finds itself able to attend a non-scheduled COI, we typically have the capability to coordinate such requirements in minimal time.  Please contact the director of SEI.


Q:  I’m flying in to attend an S.E.I. course.  What airport should I use?

A:  Please consult our site’s “Getting Here” navigation button for detailed discussions.


Q:  Do I need my own transportation while attending S.E.I.?

A:  Whatever airport is chosen, personal transportation must be provided by the student.  Pick-up from and delivery to departure airport(s) is not provided.  In the winter months (Dec-Mar), SUV transportation is advisable.


Q:  What does my tuition payment to S.E.I. include?

A:  our tuition payment includes: All course tuition fees; all authorized conference facility resources and support functions costs; all academic and field instructor fees; all operational-area-use permits; all required certificates and licenses; all required course text fees.

Your tuition payment does not include: Any equipment/gear purchases; any add-on training requests outside perimeters of established/offered curriculum; any incurred lodging or meals; or any transportation and/or transportation rental requirements.


Q:  What form of payment do I use to pay for the course I’ve selected?

A:   SEI accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, money orders/bank drafts, and the various standard forms of US Government contracting payments.  Contact the director of SEI for finalized payment method and procedures.

Thank you!