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Mark Synnott - Lead Instructor, Mountaineering

Mark Synnott - Lead Instructor, Mountaineering

Mark’s long experience has been recognized around the world, both on and off the mountain, by National Geographic, The North Face, General Motors, Bank of New York, Vanity Fair and X-Prize.  We are proud to have him as our lead Mountaineering instructor.

Mountain Rescue Training is designed to serve as a refresher–or to further the knowledge of–the novice or out-of-currency climber. It begins a the basic level and takes the student to a well-rounded intermediate level.

Presidential Mountain Range Cold Weather Training is designed to acquaint and educate special operations/missions personnel to the specifics of cold-weather environments, all students must possess basic skills taught in Mountain Rescue Training as a prerequisite.

Tactical Lead Climbing is designed to acquaint and train selected special operators to the specifics of mountaineering lead climbing under bare rock conditions. It is not a course that teaches basic mountaineer principles and fundamentals. (see Mountain Rescue Training) All participants in a TLC course must already possess a sound understanding of mountain operations.

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