Mountain Rescue Training

Mountain Rescue Training


Mountain Rescue TrainingĀ is designed to serve as a refresher–or to further the knowledge of–the novice or out-of-currency climber. It begins a the basic level and takes the student to a well-rounded intermediate level.


  • Hitches, load transfers, blocks and tackles, and knot by-passes
  • Placement of anchors and utilization of natural anchors
  • Rappelling techniques and fixed-line operations
  • Lowering and hauling systems
  • Technical climbing techniques
  • Suspension traverse operations
  • Litter rescue techniques
  • and more.


  • All field operations are conducted by certified American Mountain Guides (AMGA).
  • MRT courses fulfill all or part of the following USAF CFEP 1T2X1-Related Tasks:
    • Low- and High-Angle Rescue Fundamentals: 6.3
    • Rappel: 6.5
    • Mountain evacuation operations: 6.9

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