Presidential Mountain Range Cold Weather Training

Presidential Mountain Range Cold Weather Training


Presidential Mountain Range Cold Weather Training is designed to acquaint and educate special operations/missions personnel to the specifics of cold-weather environments, all students must possess basic skills taught in Mountain Rescue Training. Held in the wintertime White Mountains of NH, this course is conducted under the tutorage of AMGA instructors for 10 academic and field days. Minimum class size is six.


  • Logistical considerations in support of cold weather expeditions and operations
  • Field operations in cold weather environments
  • Travel over snow and ice utilizing snowshoes and cramp-ons
  • Technical snow and ice mountaineering
  • Avalanche awareness
  • Bivouac
  • and more


  • All field operations are conducted by certified American ┬áMountain Guides (AMGA).
  • PMR courses fulfill all or part of the following USAF CFEP 1T2X1-Related Tasks:
    • Low and High-Angle Rescue Fundamentals: 6.3
    • Rappel: 6.5
    • Snow and Ice climbing: 6.6
    • Snow and Glacier Travel: 6.7
    • Avalanche Hazard and Rescue: 6.8
    • Mountain Evacuation Operations: 6.9

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