SEI provides the highest quality Operator medicine and mountain rescue training. The staff is unmatched in their knowledge and experience. SEI was the first refresher course to implement Human Performance Optimization as part of their curriculum. I highly recommend this course!

Rob McGee
Elysian Training Authority, LLC


SEI is under new management, I was skeptical at first. However, they proved me wrong. They provided top notch training during a 7 day mountain course. SEI provided expert instructors that not only could communicate the lessons but could relate it to the ever changing battlefield. SEI has simplified their belief system, putting leadership as their top priority. They took extra time on developing the holistic operator not just their skill set. The bottom line is; ever operator should consider SEI!

-Unknown Operator-


As far as my thoughts on how you run your business I was very impressed –

  • from the accommodations to the world class training, SEI has set the bar high!
  • SEI has the most current and innovative training methods and approaches I have seen in my career.
  • The New Hampshire location provides a very broad variety of training possibilities, from rock climbing to ice climbing.



The S.E.I.  S.T.O.A.L.s course was not only a refresher but a great learning opportunity. The instructors brought the latest and greatest instruction and I was fortunate to have the bonus of learning from years of experience that the other more senior pararescuemen brought to the class.

Thank you again for the great paramedic refresher.

Patrick Mayo
23rd STS

Thank you!