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Urban Vertical Assault

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Urban Vertical Assault is a 3-day operationally focused Point Of Instruction that is designed to develop: individual and team operator battlefield maneuverability, efficient tactical terrain domination, obstacle/danger area negotiation, emergency adverse terrain response including rescue and recovery, urban rapid access, and reduction of risk for high threat battlefield events involving adverse terrain.

Urban Vertical Assault Course (UVA)

DESCRIPTION:Battlefield maneuver is critical for gaining and maintaining the initiative. Dominant strategic positions make or break the difference in outcome for a tactical assault operation. The vertical assault course is a progressive approach to building new skills for tactical access in order extend a tactical element’s reach, speed, and safety for the most likely access problems experienced by all tactical units. The course will go in depth on assault ladder/bridging techniques and considerations, hook and climb techniques including multi-story/multi-surface and route selection, and rope access climbing techniques in urban/mountainous environments. The objective is to arm personnel with vertical assault access knowledge and tools giving them the freedom of maneuver to handle the most adverse environments around the globe.

This course will address the specific equipment and techniques called upon when conducting operations in urban vertical terrain. It teaches techniques to assist the Operator in tactical team movement to include movement of assets such as detained or injured personnel through areas without relinquishing security.


Develop tactical vertical assault access techniques for:

  • Containment and 360 bldg. control
  • Primary Assault
  • Roof Access
  • Work positioning
  • Multi-story
  • Surface Variance
  • Signature Management
  • Window Entry Techniques
  • Dominating the High Ground
  • Individual Equipment Setup Considerations

Conduct progressive approach vertical access practical exercises including:

  • No Equipment Technique
  • Human Building Access Techniques
  • Ladder Types, Function, and Tactical Peeks
  • Hook & Climb (soft ladder), Down climbs, Telescopic Pole Climbs
  • Compound Wall/ Fence Negotiation
  • Perched Security Positioning
  • Bridging Techniques/ Gap crossings
  • Guiding Lines / Equipment transfer lines

Conduct TACEVAC technique exercises

  • Sniper Down
  • Window Patient Evacuation
  • HBIED Emergency Egress (Individual & Team)
  • Blank roof egress / counter rappelling
  • Litter Ladder Hoisting


Identify/develop mission planning skills for targets requiring adverse terrain negotiation including:

  • Pre-mission preparation
  • Route selection, terrain identification, Bldg./wall height determination, and assessment of vertical considerations (with focus on Urban and Mountainous) Equipment capability determination/selection

Urban Vertical Assault courses typically fulfill all or part of the following USAF CFETP 1T2X1-Related Tasks:

  • Global Environmental Considerations: a, b, c, d, e, f.
  • Climbing Fundamentals: a, b, c, d, e, f
  • Roped Climbing: a, b, c, d, e
  • Construct Anchor Systems.
  • Perform Care of Climbing Equipment.
  • Use Climbing Techniques.
  • Use Rappelling Techniques.
  • Perform Litter Techniques.
  • Evacuation Techniques: a, b
  • Evaluate the terrain and situation
  • Perform military operations on urbanized terrain (MOUT)
  • Enter structure
  • Move in structure
  • Perform expedient entry and exit procedures
  • Move casualties from immediate battle area
  • Joint casualty collection point (JCCP) operations
  • Select equipment
  • Use issued and improvised equipment under escape and evasion conditions
  • Low- and High-Angle Rescue Fundamentals:
  • Ascending devices
  • Perform lead protection placement:
  • Aided
  • Unaided
  • Construct Anchors
  • Rappel Using:
  • Standard and non-standard techniques
  • Knot bypass procedures
  • Retrievable rappel system

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