CSRC – Entry to Unconventional Areas for SAR


DESCRIPTION: Course combines technical rope based rescue elements with entry into underground situations for search and rescue/extraction operations.

INTRODUCTION: Course is situation specific and deals with technical rope rescue techniques in austere environments – both on the surface and underground in abandoned mine workings. It challenges rope rescue qualified individuals to improvise and adapt knowledge and skills to meet the situational requirements.


  • Safety – personal and team
  • Geology as it applies to working on exposed rock faces and underground environments
  • Review of basics – knots, anchors, rigging, force vectors, and white board analysis
  • Review of rappelling and climbing systems and requirements (Single Rope Techniques – SRT)
  • Review of mechanical advantage systems and construction of raise/lower systems
  • Review and discussion of options for moving a patient using rope based techniques
  • Application of reviewed topics – surface – high angle environment.
  • Introduction to underground rescue
  • General environment review and safety issues
  • Ground stability
  • Air quality
  • Equipment – personal and team
  • Operations – search
  • Team concept
  • Identification of search areas
  • Egress route identification and considerations
  • Extrication
  • Mobile patient
  • Injured patient
  • Specialized rope rescue situations
  • Anchors – natural/improvised (bolting)
  • Improvised High Directional Anchors (HDA)
  • Raise/lower in tight spaces
  • Functional rappel/climb in tight spaces
  • Introduction to micro-blasting using improvised charges for passage modification


Review of existing technical rescue knowledge and skills and expansion of those skills in specialized situations.
1 hour – Safety review and gear evaluation
3 hours – Operational review of basics and skills
3 hours – Functional application of skills

Day 2
4 hours – Functional application of skills – late start depending on time of year for night ops
3 hours – night operations

Day 3
1 hours – Introduction to underground operations – safety and search
3 hours – Functional application of knowledge – search and evacuation
3 hours – Situationals – application of skills – underground

TOTAL- 21 hours

Eye protection
Leather palmed gloves
Boots with aggressive sole patterns
Light systems (3) – at least 2 provide hands free operation (preferably helmet mountable)
Outer layers providing protection from rock contact
Knee and elbow pads
Harness (type 2 or type 3)
Carabiners (6)
Friction (rappell) device
Climbing system (if qualified)
Ropes (if normally used – 11 mm static only) 3 each 46 meters
Pulleys (if normally used- both rescue and PMP)
1” tubular webbing (2 each 20 ft lengths)
Fluids and personal supplies
Personal first aid kit
PROVIDED (to supplement required gear)
Friction devices (multiple types)
Climbing systems
Pulleys and hardware
Litters (SKED, 1/2 SKED and Ferno 71)


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