Professional Development II

Course description

In collaboration with the Leadership & Freedom Center (LFC) Gettysburg, S.E.I. will host PRODEV II. This advanced leadership course takes place at the LFC overlooking the historical battlefield, and includes lessons learned from those who fought there – at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. Also include blocks on Emotional Intelligence, the Constitution, CliftonStrengths assessment, setting vision, fallen and wounded, morale, and how to grow young leaders. All SOF warrior-minded personnel are welcome and will benefit tremendously.

Leadership Lessons of the Battle of Gettysburg (BoG): Designed to study the individuals, leaders and teams on both sides of the conflict in order to learn the vital and applicable lessons for us today. As a turning point for the war, those Individuals, Leaders and BoG Teams all had roles to play in the final outcome. Every action taken or opportunities missed had consequences that effected the history we now know – BoG provides fertile ground for growth opportunities for all SOF leaders.

BoG block include:

1 Apply lessons learned from the Battle of Gettysburg to help us grow as individuals, leaders and teams.

2 Measure where you are as a leader and team and learn tools for continued progress in each.

3 Identify specific areas of opportunity where the most growth is possible and develop a plan for progress.

4 Understand the most important function of any great leader.

Constitution: All military personnel take an oath of office that contain the words, “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same”.What does this actually mean? What do we all need to know about the Constitution to support and defend it? How can we be faithful and show allegiance to it?

Is American Exceptionalism real or myth? What evidence is there and how do we measure?

What are “the Blessings of Liberty” that our Founders discussed and what is our role in defending them?

An understanding of the Constitution is essential, for every SOF operator.

Emotional Intelligence: “H2G” is an emotional intelligence model focused on forging, nurturing and retaining trusted relationships, allowing individuals to reach their highest human potential and high-performance teams to consistently achieve mission success. A passionate and disciplined H2G – Head, Heart & Gut, mental, emotional and physical mindset in action. A trusted influence which inspires and maximizes the efforts of others to achieve a greater good through the power of engaged and trusted TEAMS.

PRODEV II will be held at the Leadership & Freedom Center (LFC) housed at the Lodges at Gettysburg.

“As a SNCO Operator, I would highly recommend SEI’s PRODEV course. All of the topics covered were applicable to unit members who are running the day to day operations of a squadron. This course gave me the tools to be a better leader, and the means to prepare the next generation of warriors for leadership positions.”

PT (PJ, 103rd RQS)

“S.E.I.’s Professional Development course was an excellent use of time and energy that helped me rededicate myself as a student in the art and science of leadership. The quality instructors and well thought out curriculum were vital to the impact it had on me. This is an investment in our current and future leaders that will come around in the form of more professional and well-rounded leaders and mentors for our next generation.”

CRO 212th RQS

“As Guardian Angel operators our most precious commodity is time. S.E.I’s PRODEV course was absolutely worth the time invested to attend. The course is one of those rare courses that not only builds your leadership in the short term, but shapes you as a leader for the rest of your career. Our time is precious, invest it wisely in this course, it will pay huge dividends.”


“As a US Army Special Forces Operations Sergeant, I put a premium on leadership. SEI’s PRODEV course was, without a doubt, the most beneficial leadership course I have ever attended. I have been through leadership seminars, leadership college courses, and many Army NCO professional development courses. I received more practical information from SEI’s PRODEV course than all of the other courses combined.

S.E.I. brings in top notch instructors from a variety of different backgrounds and addresses modern leadership concerns and issues. Their approach is based in common sense and delivers immediate techniques for improving leadership. The course material is holistic and applies to a range breadth of service member. The POI will improve one’s leadership ability regardless of rank, grade, or service affiliation.”

Dan Hunt

Thank you!