Professional Development (PRODEV) CMS

Course description

Guardian Angel and Special Tactics Combat Mission Support (CMS) Course

Support personnel (CMS) assigned to or operating in a direct support of SOF entities such as Guardian Angel, Special Tactics Squadrons, and/or Joint Special Operations Command participate in activities that necessitate immediate credibility, great responsibility, and often times tremendous autonomy. The indoctrination and skills that help create this high performance individual (WHO assists in extending the Operator’s reach) may not be learned till late in one’s maturation – but why wait to teach them RIGHT now.

PRODEV – CMS is designed to help support personnel reach his/her full potential while simultaneously ensuring each individual understands his/her responsibility and worth to the overall unit success.

“Don’t judge your worth to the mission by your proximity to the X”


The course discusses how to communicate tasks up and down the chain while enabling junior individuals the flexibility to own solutions. A better understanding of ethical fitness (day to day pressures to make it happen) through readings, lecture and practicals will improve his/her ethical decision making process. An in-depth study on the art of negotiation will arm personnel with skills to resolve conflict while still removing obstacles to mission success. Professional readings and discussions will also assist attendees contend with GA/STS-centric dilemmas they face today. Scenarios will be used throughout the course to facilitate team building and offering opportunities to employ what they’ve learned. This course will help each individual see themselves more clearly, how they fit into these uniques organization, and facilitate the professional growth required to prepare them for greater responsibility.

S.E.I.’s PRODEV – CMS is the only known support personnel course that is specifically tailored with

Guardian Angel and Special Tactics uniqueness in mind. It uses an approach that is unique in teaching and indoctrinating those who are charged with supporting or enabling Battlefield Airman. It uses the best battlefield, garrison, and academic practices within leadership, and offers take-away TTPs for immediate use.

PRODEV – CMS is the product of original thinking, and innovative concept. A necessity brought about by the nature of dogma leadership trying to apply a one-size-fits-all approach. This coupled with warrior leadership Best Practices (from the battlefield), peer pressure understanding, Battlefield Airmen culture, academics, and scenarios steeped in GA/STS operationalization are what make PRODEV – CMS relevant to organic personnel – delivered in a manor that is digestible by the current generation.

* Teaching Goal: Determine proper roles and missions in the RQS/STS organization discuss/debate conflicts between Operators and support personnel.

* Teaching Goal: Discuss how Gen. McChrystal flattened his organization to better operate by/with/ through the IA and mission partners.

* Teaching Goal: Assist personnel to refine their own philosophy of discipline. Introduce the idea of “skill vs will” and provide a method of analyzing a discipline issue. Encourage personnel to better understand military justice so they can positively influence the process when engaging Commanders and First Sergeants to meter appropriate discipline to subordinates. Use actual GA/STS cases for the attendees to work through to enhance their understanding the range of options available and the subsequent impact to the unit and the force. Conclude with a discussion on ethical fitness.

* Teaching Goal: Provide time to map out their own personal Leadership Philosophy (PLP) plan complete with milestones. Assist with developing a reading list tailored to their own requirements and tastes, a list they will share with the class.

* Teaching Goal: Provide a guide and insightful tips on how to prepare for and consistently deliver a high quality speech/talk on a variety of topics.

* Teaching Goal: Negotiation Project Workshop Block: Mapping, ladder of inference, poor persuasion, managing the emotional side of negotiation, Balcony: key tool to strategically assess and manage emotions. TTPs for playing the position game, and Operator centric scenarios.


Mentors have extensive experience in training in the principles of commanding, coaching, and mentorship via public speaking, instruction and self-produced literature and media content. Instructors are recognized experts in the field of development and team-building and have at least 20 years of instructional experience. They have a wide-ranging personal background in leadership, coaching, and commanding of organizations up to/including Tier 1 Level units and/or top Ivy league Universities. Have coached, and mentored high-end athletes/teams at the NBA, All Star, Final Four, and World Champion levels.

* Special Tactics Experience (Tier 1 level)
 * Pentagon – Checkmate Level experience
 * Harvard University Doctorate
* Battlefield experience

* National Basket Ball, National Hockey League, or National Football league level experience
 * Familiarity in GE International Contract Negotiations template – Harvard Negotiation Project

Minimum number of 10 personnel ($3000 ea.) to conduct PRODEV – CMS

Thank you!