Greetings to all.

Mr. Wayne Fisk made the decision to retire from S.E.I. after a run of seventeen outstanding years.  Under his leadership, SEI flourished and was  instrumental in providing superior DoD training to the most elite units around the world.

Through the years, Wayne established a meaningful rapport with many, and championed S.E.I. to elite status among elite units.

It remains my charge to push S.E.I. to its greatest potential, and provide fellow operators with the finest training possible for mission success. To that end, S.E.I. will strive to continually update the skills necessary to outpace our adversaries.

I solicit your frank feedback to better serve you–the operator.

Out of the chute, Team S.E.I. has revamped the STOALS course, and the new curriculum includes content and training respected communities demand.  Finally, new talent has been recruited to assist in this transition.

I look forward to your visit.


Anthony Negron “NG”

Director, SEI