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SEI is fortunate to be located in the heart of some of the most dynamic mountaineering in North America. For example, there is a saying among the mountaineering community, that if one can climb Mt. Washington in the middle of a New England nor’easter, one can climb anywhere. The only gear and equipment lacking in climbing Mt. Washington is the O2 requirement. The mountain just is not that tall.
But vendors and clothiers of the Mt. Washington Valley are prepared for every other aspect of supporting and fulfilling mountaineer requirements, and some of the more well-known brand names located within the immediate vicinity of SEI are:

Please Note:

  • Please contact us for gear and equipment listings for SEI courses are required by all attendees.
  • All gear designated as “Mandatory” must be procured prior to the beginning of an SEI course. If unit or personal gear is not available, those items asterisked (*) may be rented at nominal daily fees.
  • All listed gear can be locally purchased.
  • TDY orders should authorize rentals and/or local purchases of equipment to fulfill this requirement.
  • All gear must be clearly marked for ownership.


Thank you!